How to Install and Use the GCF Softphone

How to Install and Use the GCF Softphone

The GCF Softphone is part of a comprehensive Outbound Calling service, designed to help businesses connect with local and international customers.

The softphone is currently available for Windows PC users via the Microsoft Store.

How to Install GCF Softphone for Windows?

1. Go to Microsoft Store here and download the GCF Softphone app. You can also search for ‘GCF Softphone’ in the Microsoft Store.

2. Locate the GCF Softphone app (Downloads folder), and double click it to open the softphone.

softphone icon

softphone login

How to Use the GCF Softphone?

Let’s look at what you can do with the GCF Softphone:

  • Make and receive calls
  • Display specific Caller ID on outbound calls
  • Access voicemails directly from the dialer
  • View recent call activity
  • View active softphone users and make assisted call transfers
  • Fully integrate contacts (with search and filter)
  • Make free in-network calls to other users
  • Integrate with Chrome browser and CRMs

How to Make Calls

1. Once downloaded, log in with your Outbound Calling User ID and password. You will then see a dialpad.

softphone on

2. Please enter the phone number that you would like to call.

Note: Always enter the country code before the rest of the number. For international calls, dial 00 followed by the full phone number (country code included).

3. Click the green phone icon to initiate the call.

How to Display Specific Caller IDs

For first-time users, by default, the Settings window will appear and require you to select your desired Country and Lines.

1. To change your Caller ID, click Settings in the bottom-right corner.

softphone app settings

2. From the Outgoing Caller ID section, change the Country and Lines from the dropdown options.

3. Return to the dialpad to start making outbound calls with your customized caller ID. Your changes will be applied automatically.

How to Integrate with CRMs

Connect the GCF Softphone with leading CRM platforms and enjoy features like automatic data sync, click-to-call, and more. See how to integrate with:

  • Zoho CRM
  • Zoho Desk
  • Salesforce
  • HubSpot
  • Pipedrive
  • Zendesk
  • Intercom

How to Use the Softphone with the GCF Chrome Extension

You can also use the softphone alongside our GCF Click-to-Dial Chrome extension which recognizes phone numbers on any Chrome webpage. Directly initiate calls from these web pages by clicking the call button next to the number.

1. Click here to install the GCF Chrome extension.

click-to-dial store

2. Then, follow the above softphone installation instructions to set up the Windows softphone.

3. Once the extension is activated and the Softphone is opened and ready for use, both will automatically connect.

4. On a browser, select the desired phone number and click the green phone icon. It will automatically put the phone number in the softphone.

5. Click on the Call button to call to initiate the call. You can also toggle the extension’s settings to Dial immediately, making it easier to make calls quickly.

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