What Are My Outbound Calling Credentials?
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What Are My Outbound Calling Credentials?

Customers are automatically assigned a UserID/PIN and password after they purchase outbound calling services. Your credentials will be emailed to you as part of your service confirmation letter. Here’s what it looks like:

dialer code
You can also log in to your control panel to find your credentials:

1. Click Outbound Calling on the left-hand side of the control panel to reveal all outbound lines.

outbound lines

2. Your UserID/PIN for each outbound calling line will be displayed under the PIN column.

outbound credentials

3. Click the Line’s description to view and / or modify your password.

4. Line password will be displayed.

outbound credentials

5. In order to change your password, please enter a new password here and click Save Changes.

Please note that changing your password will automatically log other users out of the system.