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How to Install and Use the Salesforce Softphone Integration

With the Salesforce CRM Softphone extension, you can use your Global Call Forwarding Softphone within your Salesforce CRM pages to make and receive phone calls.

Note: This Salesforce CRM extension only works if you are an existing customer of Global Call Forwarding and have activated the option for Salesforce-GCF Softphone integration.

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How to Set up Salesforce Softphone Softphone Integration

To activate the option for Salesforce CRM Softphone integration in your Global Call Forwarding account, follow the below steps:

1. Log in to your Global Call Forwarding control panel with your email and password.
2. In the Services menu on the left, click on the Integrations option.
3. Find the Salesforce CRM Softphone and click on Activate.

choose salesforce
4. You must choose the PINs (User IDs) you would like to integrate with Salesforce and click Continue.

Now, each user selected must go to their Salesforce CRM and install the GCF Softphone extension:

1. Go to Salesforce AppExchange. Search and install the Global Call Forwarding Softphone.

salesforce marketplace
2. After the installation is completed, a screen will appear requesting the corresponding Global Call Forwarding credentials. Enter the relevant PINs and passwords (ref. step 4).

How to Use the GCF Softphone within Salesforce

Once the credentials are entered, a ‘phone’ icon will appear at the bottom right corner, click on it.

A menu will open your softphone app or simply click on the green ‘phone’ icons beside every contact’s phone number to instantly place a call to that number using your softphone extension.

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