United World Telecom Privacy, Security, and Fraud Control (2022)

United World Telecom Privacy, Security, and Fraud Control (2022)

At United World Telecom (UWT) and Global Call Forwarding (GCF), we take your data and privacy seriously by preventing, containing, and eradicating security issues. Here’s how:

What we do

What you can do

    • Control & Manage Your Account
    • Access Call Detail Records
    • Control Traffic with Black and White Lists

What We Do

United World Telecom subsidiaries

Ensure you are receiving communications from the right people.

Global Call Forwarding (GCF) is owned and operated by United World Telecom (UWT). So, as a GCF customer, you may receive communications from your account manager through their UWT email address:

  • [name]@unitedworldtelecom.com
  • [name]@uwtcallback.com
  • [name]@globalcallforwarding.us

Other email addresses include:

  • noreply@unitedworldtelecom.com
  • services@unitedworldtelecom.com
  • marketing@unitedworldtelecom.com
  • techgroup@unitedworldtelecom.com
  • tech@unitedworldtelecom.com
  • mis@uwtcallback.com

Additionally, we have a sales and support team in APAC. Representatives from this office may contact you to expedite support and account opening processes.

Your Data & Information

UWT does not own any material, data, or information that its customers submit in the course of using the service. Customers, not UWT, shall be solely responsible for the legality, quality, integrity, reliability, and intellectual property ownership or right to use customer data.UWT shall not be responsible or liable for the loss in any form or failure to store any customer data.

We have implemented various information security practices to protect the privacy and security of data and to guarantee the trust and safety of our clients. You can learn more on our Privacy page.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

To keep your account and data secure, you can add increased security and additional protection to your account with two-factor authentication (TFA). When you turn on TFA, you will receive an automated email with a unique code each time you log in to your account. You can set this up in the account setting in your Control Panel.

Softphone & WebRTC

Our softphone and dialer use WebRTC as their framework. With WebRTC VoIP technology, encryption is mandatory. All data exchanged between your web browser and our servers is encrypted with Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Real-Time Protocol (SRTP). This way, decoding the message is challenging without the proper encryption keys.

Secure Payment

UWT does not store your credit card details. We use a Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant payment processor. The PCI processor stores payment information and issues a token instead. We store the token and send it to the payment processor when a customer pays for a service.

Based on the token, the processor retrieves the required payment data and completes the transaction. These tokens do not contain card details. They merely serve as the card identifier for the processor.

Quality Control & Fraud Monitoring

UWT has people and resources set to monitor network quality and prevent disruptions.

To this effect, we:

  • Evaluate new accounts — We thoroughly assess and qualify new accounts to ensure no fraud occurs.
  • Include reliable providers within our network — We carefully add new vendors only if they comply with our strict reliability and quality requirements.
  • Monitor our network — Our in-house engineers watch our network at all times to ensure everything runs smoothly. We test numbers and lines periodically and monitor call quality. We receive alerts if there are any issues and resolve them quickly.
  • Reduce instances of fraud — We identify, investigate, and solve potential fraud instances or network issues if and when they occur.
  • Assign credit limits — UWT and GCF accounts utilize credit limits. This is not a sign of mistrust, but instead acts as the last defense line in a fraud situation. Credit limits use dynamic authorizations to calculate your account’s use and remaining balance. Contact your account manager to learn more.
  • Remain accessible to customers — If you need to talk to an actual human and get real answers, we’re a phone call or chat button away. Contact your dedicated account manager and our support team via phone, email, live chat, or submitting a trouble ticket.

What You Can Do

Control & Manage Your Account
As a UWT and GCF customer, you have access to an online Control Panel associated with your account. Here, you have control over account information and call logs, modified settings, user access, and service features — everything you need to efficiently run your phone system.

Access Call Detail Records
Access and download your Call Detail Records (CDRs) and call center analytics whenever you need them. UWT and GCF provide real-time 24/7 access to your call records within your Control Panel. This way, you can keep tabs on your business’s call activity and monitor suspicious activity.

Control Traffic with Black & White Lists
UWT and GCF offer a call blocking feature called Black and White Lists. This feature lets you “whitelist” and “blacklist” certain phone numbers and area/country codes. You can therefore block out numbers and destinations that are not within your business objective, and employees can focus on good quality leads instead. For more information about how to block inbound and outbound call traffic, check out our video.