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How to Install and Use the HubSpot Softphone Integration

With the HubSpot Softphone extension, you can use your Global Call Forwarding Softphone within your HubSpot CRM pages to make and receive phone calls.

Note: This HubSpot softphone extension only works if you are an existing customer of Global Call Forwarding and have activated the option for HubSpot CRM Softphone integration.

How to Set up HubSpot Softphone CRM Integration

To activate the option for HubSpot CRM Softphone integration in your Global Call Forwarding account, follow the below steps:

1. Download GCF Softphone from Microsoft Store, on your Windows computer.

ms app store softphone

2. Log in to your Global Call Forwarding control panel with your email and password.

3. In the Services menu on the left, click on the Integrations option.

4. Find the HubSpot Softphone Integration and click Activate.

HubSpot select

5. Then, open your softphone application, click on Settings/Integrations, and Activate the CRM connector for HubSpot.

hubspot activate

6. A new window will open up. Log in with your HubSpot credentials.

7. Open your CRM page and start using the softphone.

How to Use the GCF Softphone with HubSpot

Users can make calls in two ways using the GCF softphone within HubSpot:

Option 1: Call directly from the GCF softphone.

1. Open the Contacts within the softphone. Here you will see both HubSpot contacts and GCF contacts listed. This automatically updates and syncs.

hubspot contacts

2. Find and click the number or contact you wish to call, and Call.

Option 2: You can use the GCF click-to-dial extension, allowing you to directly click and call the phone numbers that appear in the CRM.

1. Click here to activate the GCF Chrome extension.

2. Once the extension is activated, it will automatically connect with the GCF Softphone app.

3. Within the CRM, you’ll find a click-to-dial button next to all phone numbers. Simply, click on the button to dial the desired number or contact.

4. This will prompt the softphone dial pad to open up. Click on the Call button to place the call.

hubspot click-to-dial

Alternatively, you can have the Dial immediately setting turned on in the extension settings. This way, when you click the call button, the call is placed through the softphone directly, without asking you to click Call.