Using Unified Communications for Remote Teams
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Using Unified Communications for Remote Teams

Unified communications (UC) brings together all vital business communication tools in one place. Remote teams can access voice, voicemail, fax, video, email, and text messaging all in one platform.

Unified communication as a service (UCaaS) focuses on internal communication and keeping distributed teams connected. Therefore, it supports team collaboration and connectivity. So, how exactly can your remote teams use UC and UCaaS solutions?

1. Use VoIP & UCaaS to increase mobility and virtual collaboration. Make and receive calls via the internet no matter the location. Use a softphone to convert any device into a business phone.

2. Take advantage of the variety of features and services available to make remote communication smooth. Top features include international call forwarding, call routing, outbound calling with dynamic caller ID, call recording, SMS and fax options, and more.

3. Maintain productivity and efficiency even with distributed teams. By tracking time, reviewing call records, conducting regular meetings, your teams continue to be accountable for the work they do, even if they are not working out of the office.

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