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How to Make Remote Working Secure?

When working remotely, businesses have to pay close attention to managing remote teams and keeping company, employee, and customer data and privacy secure. So, here are some helpful tips to make remote working secure for your business:

1. Educate employees about cyberattacks and phishing scams. Teach employees how to identify suspicious activity and report it.

2. Use a Business VPN to ensure employees work on a private network instead of public networks.

3. Use a VoIP phone system and adhere to best practices to ensure your communications occur over a secure internet connection.

4. Encourage employees to install antivirus software on their devices, especially the ones used for work.

5. Draft an employee technology or security policy that outlines how to protect data and privacy.

6. Ask employees to use different devices for work and personal use.

7. Conduct security checks every couple of weeks to ensure systems are working properly.