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How to Receive SMS Directly in My Phone’s Text or SMS Inbox

Currently, our system is set up to forward SMS messages to your email and not directly to your phone number. But no worries, we have an alternative that works for most people!

There is a way to receive incoming SMS messages directly in your SMS inbox. This doesn’t work for all carriers, but most service providers provide a free “email-to-text” service which gives users the ability to receive SMS messages through an email address.

Here’s an example:
T-Mobile has a service that delivers emails sent to to the phone’s SMS inbox directly. You can find the specific email format for your given service provider and use it to receive incoming SMS in your phone’s SMS inbox directly.

US Companies E-Mail to SMS Addresses

Boost Mobile:
Project Fi:
Metro PCS:
Cricket Wireless:
Virgin Mobile:
US Cellular:

Canadian Companies E-Mail to SMS Addresses

Bell Canada:
Bell MTS:
Fido Solutions:
Freedom Mobile:
Koodo Mobile: &
PC Mobile:
Rogers Communications:
Virgin Mobile:

UK Companies Email to SMS Addresses

Virgin Mobile UK:
T-Mobile UK:
O2 UK:

More information can be found here