My Card Was Charged but I Haven't Received Any Service

My Card Was Charged but I Haven’t Received Any Service

What Is a Pre-Authorization?

It is not a charge, but rather an authorization hold that was placed on your card. This is also known as card authorization or preauthorization.

No funds were debited, but a temporary hold was placed on the funds. This is to help us validate your credit card.

When Will the Authorization Hold Fall Off?

In the case of debit cards, authorization hold should fall off the account, thus making the amount available again, anywhere from one to eight business days after the transaction date. This will depend on the bank’s policy. In the case of credit cards, holds may last as long as thirty days, depending on the issuing bank.

If the charge remains on your statement for longer than that, please contact your bank to ask why the charge hasn’t been removed even though it has been voided.

Please contact us with any further questions.