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An Explanation of Your Global Call Forwarding Invoice

Invoice artwork
  1. Invoice Date: UWT issues invoices on or around the first of each month for the previous monthly billing cycle.
  2. Invoice Period: Our invoice period consists of one calendar month from the 1st of the month until and including the last day. The fees are always charged in advance (on the last day of the billing period for the next month) and additional call usage (exceeding included monthly minutes) is charged in the current invoice period.
  3. Account Number: This is your unique account identifier. Please reference your account number whenever you contact us, as it is very helpful for us to locate the correct account.
  4. Previous Balance: This reflects an outstanding balance or unpaid fees prior to the invoice date.
  5. Received Payments: These are payments received at the beginning of and during the invoice period. The amount due of the previous month’s invoice is charged at the beginning of each month. Your card might also be charged during the month if you add services or exceed a certain usage threshold.
  6. Adjustments/Credits: This section displays any special adjustments made to the account for the current or past activity.
  7. Invoice Total: This is the sum of all fees and additional usage incurred during the invoice period. The summary breakdown of invoice total is listed at the bottom of your invoice.
  8. Total Amount Due: This is the total amount that will be charged or was charged to your payment method on file. It is calculated by subtracting Received Payments from the Invoice Total and adding previous balance if any.
  9. Due Date: Payment is due immediately. We will attempt to debit your payment method for the “Amount Due” within 1-2 business days.
  10. RollOver Fee: Use the RollOver feature to accumulate your unused minutes for the future. This fee reflects the charges for RollOver.
  11. RollOver Promotion Credit: The RollOver feature is included free for the first 3 months. The RollOver fee will be listed on your invoice along with a promotional credit during the first 3 months.
  12. Promocode: Promo codes will be listed on your invoice.
  13. Prorated (partial): When a new account is created or additional services are added to an account during a billing cycle, the customer will be charged a pro-rated amount for the number of days left in that billing cycle.
  14. Other Charges: Includes parking , discount and the regulatory recovery fee. This 14.3% fee applies to monthly service plans, additional services, and additional usage. It is assessed to help recover a portion of the costs incurred in funding and complying with worldwide government regulations, mandates, programs, and obligations. This fee is subject to change from time to time as the cost of compliance changes.